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I vow to build my office on a solid foundation of Justice, Public Safety, Integrity, and Service."

The job of the District Attorney is TO HELP PEOPLE, whether that is an individual victim, the community at large, or a defendant who has headed down the wrong path. 

The purpose of the Office of the District Attorney is to ENSURE that people in this community have the greatest opportunity possible for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  



Ensuring that the rights of all parties are respected and upheld, that offenders are held accountable for their actions, and that we are doing the right thing for the right reason.


Recognizing which defendants present a danger to the public and which do not, performing our duties and making decisions to protect the public.


Conducting our cases in a truthful, honest way that upholds the great responsibility and trust placed in this office by the community.


Keeping in mind, at all times, that we are public servants, representing the people, serving their needs, upholding their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Justice and the Role of Sentencing

Justice involves ensuring the rights of all parties are respected and upheld, including the rights of victims, while achieving a resolution that addresses the seriousness of the offense, its impact on the community, and the defendant’s needs. The purpose of sentencing is threefold. The first is to punish a defendant, holding them accountable for the crime they committed and deterring others from committing similar offenses. The second is to promote rehabilitation and reduce the potential for the defendant to engage in criminal conduct in the future. The third is to provide restoration and healing for victims and the community. All of these contribute to public safety.Our criminal justice system is not perfect, but I strongly believe that the attorneys at the District Attorney’s Office are committed to seeking justice in every case. They are committed to protecting the rights of victims and also making decisions that are conducive to the rehabilitation of defendants.

U Visa Protections for Immigrant Victims

I strongly support the use of U visa protections for immigrant survivors of crime. I have met with a local immigration lawyer to discuss the U Visa program and the role of the District Attorney’s Office. I plan to eliminate any blanket bars to consideration for U Visa protection and will look at applicants on a case by case basis. While I believe immigration consequences should be considered during the plea negotiation process, issues of public safety are paramount.
The variety of factual circumstances which could arise make any attempt at a formal written policy exceedingly difficult.

Improving Victim Services

The District Attorney's Office has a very robust Victim/Witness division that provides exceptional services to survivors of crime. One of my goals is to increase language access to victims who are not native English speakers. Continuing to provide implicit bias training will also equip our team members to better serve survivors who belong to minority groups.

Improving Transparency 

We have recently begun including data about our case filings on the District Attorney’s web site. I plan to expand that to include more data about demographics of the people involved as it becomes available. I also plan to meet with the various communities that make up our jurisdiction to hear their concerns and answer their questions. This will include a broad discussion of how and why we make the decisions we make. Those discussions will not be case specific, to protect the privacy and rights of the individuals involved. Additionally, I plan on establishing an active social media presence that will be informative and interactive with the public. Our social media platforms will become an avenue for us to receive input from the community. We will also be proactive in providing official statements from the District Attorney’s Office.

The Current Bail System

Larimer County has one of the most advanced pretrial release programs in the state. We are one of only three jurisdictions that allow our bond commissioners to set bond and release defendants without going before a judge. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, decisions are being made which allow the release of people charged with criminal offenses. The current system we have in the 8th Judicial District does a good job of making sure the people being held in our jail need to be there. A judge determines that there is probable cause to believe they have committed a crime and that they present a danger to the public if they are not detained. It is not a perfect system, but until we have laws and a constitution that allow for preventative detention, we cannot move forward with further reform without endangering the public.

The truth is, there are defendants who present a great risk to our community, who will commit new crimes, terrorize victims, or victimize other members of our community. I support bail reform that both release those who do not present a danger to the community and provides a mechanism to detain those who do.



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