Cliff Riedel

District Attorney

8th Juidicial District | 2013-Present

The citizens of Larimer and Jackson counties would be well served by electing Mitch Murray as their next District Attorney. Mr. Murray’s ethics are above reproach and his legal skills are second to none. Victims, and those accused of criminal behavior, deserve to have an experienced and ethical prosecutor overseeing their cases. Mr. Murray is just such a prosecutor.

Larry Abrahamson

District Attorney

8th Judicial District | 2005-2013

I have known Mitch for almost 30 years. I worked with him professionally as a prosecutor for 23 of those years. Mitch was appointed Chief Deputy for the Eighth Judicial District by District Attorney Stuart VanMeveren and subsequently as First Assistant to Cliff Riedel. While I was District Attorney he was often assigned the most serious and often technically complicated cases. Mitch has unquestionable integrity and a strong and dedicated work ethic. He has been, and continues to be, a competent and skilled advocate for the People of this Judicial District and State of Colorado. Mitch’s compassion for victims, dedication to the rule of law, and ability to exercise good judgement makes him a person this jurisdiction would be fortunate to have as its District Attorney.

I fully endorse Mitch as the next District Attorney for the Eighth Judicial District.

Stu VanMeveren

District Attorney

8th Judicial District | 1972-2005

Mitch is an outstanding prosecutor and administrative leader in the office of the district attorney. His experience is vital to the continuing success ensuring justice in our judicial district

David Wood

District Attorney

8th Judicial District | 1970-1972

While my tenure as District Attorney predates Mitch Murray's, his lengthy and distinguished career as a prosecutor for 29 years far exceeds mine. Nevertheless, I have followed his career throughout that time and I have been tremendously impressed by his skill as a trial lawyer, his commitment to see that justice is done, his exemplary record of community service and improvement of the criminal justice system.
Serving as District Attorney requires good judgment, fairness, honesty, legal skills, maturity, leadership, experience and management skills. Mitch has demonstrated achievement in each and every one of these categories. I endorse his candidacy without reservation and recommend his election as District Attorney of Colorado's Eighth Judicial District.

Kandy Moore, LMFT

Victim Representative on the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board

As a licensed psychotherapist specializing in therapeutic work with children and adolescents traumatized by sexual abuse I have worked with Mitch for approximately 20 years. We are fortunate to have a District Attorney’s office with a specialized group of attorneys whose primary focus is prosecuting sexual assault cases. This is a rare practice in most jurisdictions. Mitch has been a part of this unit and has supervised this unit for many years. I have testified at the request of these attorneys in District Court as an expert witness educating juries on the trauma effects of sexual abuse on children. I have conducted trainings for the unit and I have consulted on cases with these dedicated attorneys. In that
capacity, I have found Mitch to be very kind, considerate, respectful and committed to obtaining justice for these children and their families. In addition, as a Victim Representative on the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board for the past 12 years I know I can trust Mitch to be available to help me understand difficult legislation, court rulings and other legal decisions that come before the board. I am a therapist, not an attorney and he has been
a valuable resource to me in my role on this state board because I know Mitch is available to provide clarification on legal issues that seem complicated to me. Mitch is knowledgeable, fair, and dedicated to protecting our community. I believe Mitch would make an excellent District Attorney for the 8th Judicial District.

Deborah D. Crawford, MD

Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics

I have known Mitch Murray, First Assistant District Attorney, for nearly 20 years through our
shared mission of supporting victims of child maltreatment. During this time, I have observed
his professionalism and fairness as a prosecutor in the courtroom. We also served together as board members of the Child Advocacy Center for many years, where his leadership and
integrity continue to be greatly valued. Mr. Murray shows consistent good judgement, adherence to the law, and importantly, bipartisanship. It is my honor to endorse Mitch Murray
for District Attorney of the 8th Judicial District of Colorado.

Justin Smith

Larimer County Sherif

A District Attorney's job isn't simply to prosecute - it's to seek justice on behalf of the people they serve. Mitch Murray has spent decades learning the intricacies of the criminal justice system in Larimer and Jackson Counties and he's demonstrated his commitment and fairness. Mitch will make a fine DA and I'm proud to offer my support!

Jarrod Poley

Jackson County Sheriff

I am writing this to say that I am proud to give my endorsement to Mitch Murray. I think he will make a wonderful DA and I stand behind him.



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